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About Galganov & Associates

Galganov & Associates is an Internet based company dedicated to providing comprehensive, high quality business Internet services including but not limited to web site development and design, hosting, domain name registration, e-commerce, consulting and training. We also provide corporate portraiture and product photography, graphics and other quality services designed to compliment our core services.

The company was founded in 1996 and has, over the years, established an excellent reputation with its clientele. This success is built on the extensive business, computer and Internet experience, the academic achievements, the visionary abilities and passion of its principals, Mason and Yvonne Galganov. Consequently, despite inherent uncertainties within the industry, Galganov & Associates continues to thrive. We are a small select team of professionally diverse, and diversely located, experts. Our team includes engineers, computer scientists, marketers, educators, artists and business people. Every job is handled in the same way. Tasks are executed by the best person for that task based on a range of criteria.

We consider it our responsibility and duty towards our clients to maintain our position as leaders in technology, design and marketing. We, therefore, constantly experiment with and test new ideas and concepts. Consequently, we dedicate considerable resources to research & development. We continually try new projects of our own ... just to see what works. In this respect we are students and, as such, operate a series of our own websites. These are typically advertising supported.  We use these as opportunities to understand what happens when one undertakes certain actions ... to learn to what extent we can actually influence the success of a website and what, in practical terms, actually works ... and what does not. We learn with the help of our own practical experiences.

As the computer related industry is far reaching, we believe that our services are greatly improved through business alliances. For this reason we make great efforts to create lasting relationships with companies in related areas of expertise. Galganov & Associates continuously seeks new, selectively chosen relationships which reflect our commitment to improved service and support for our clientele.

Yvonne & Mason Galganov
Yvonne & Mason Galganov
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