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Welcome to KIS.BIZ® … That′s KIS with one “S”!


“Keep It Simple” is an expression with history. It’s been used in many ways - some polite … some not - but it always delivers the same message, “Don′t be tricky - just ‘keep it simple’.”

“Keeping It Simple in Business” is not an expression but the philosophy which drives our every day business and is, consequently, reflected in all services we provide. That′s a promise!

KIS.BIZ is an easy to remember and navigate gateway to Galganov & Associates and your path to high quality website design, graphic and name branding services.


We are Galganov & Associates, a firm involved in many areas of graphics, web site design and related service and branding. Providing excellence in graphic design, we will help in maintaining an integrated approach to your public image.


We adopted the KIS.BIZ® service mark not only as a demonstration of our commitment to our “Keeping It Simple in Business” philosophy but also because it exemplifies, in practical terms, what our philosophy means.


Learn a little more about who are we, what do we do and what do our clients say about their websites. Watch our slides show:

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  1. Design:

    Web Site Design by Galganov is a premium website designer offering the best in brochure websites, E-commerce solutions and Youtube presentations (video + slideshows). We provide complete, creative and technical website support from recommending web site content to creating the design and uploading it to your server (or even helping you find a server or hosting your website for you on our server) we′ll make it easy.

    Driven by customer demand, our design services have extended beyond the Internet to professional logo design and presentations. Whether your business needs a logo, a presentaion (Youtube or PowerPoint®) we can help.

  2. Domain Names:

    Your name matters!

    Do you have special domain registration needs? We can help.

    For the large domain holder, Galganov & Associates also provides specialized domain management and reporting services as well as provisioning SSL certificates.

    Do you specialize in or have particular concerns about protecting your brand? we can help you register your domain in any extension available to you including but not limited to .COM, .NET, .ORG, .US, .CA, .TV, .CN and more! (Some domains have registration criteria such as presence requirements. In such cases, registrations are subject to these requirements.)

    Special Opportunity: We are currently offering for sale. is an interesting, high quality, food related domain name and is available for the right price! Take a look - make an offer!

  3. More Name Branding Opportunities:

    Galganov will, from time to time, offer different, potentially interesting, name building tools.

KIS.BIZ®; is a business name registered in the Province of Ontario in Canada. The primary purpose of "KIS.BIZ®", is the sales and production of web site design (and related) services as well as custom graphics and presentations (such as Youtube, PowerPoint® and Corel® Presentations™ development and related services as may be enumerated here from time to time. These services are available in most countries around the world. Current experience is in serving clients in England, China and across North America.

  1. KIS.BIZ® is a registered Galganov & Associates service mark.
  2. PowerPoint® is a registered Microsoft® trademark.
  3. Corel® Presentations™ is a Corel™ trademark.
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KIS.BIZ® is a registered Galganov & Associates service mark.