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keeping it simple in business

Welcome to the Real World!

Are we for real?

The idea that the Internet is not real but only virtual is simply not true. It was never true. Although we live in a time were many of us have lost the ability to determine what is real and what is not, let us assure you that this website is very real. This site and the people who created it are real, living humans beings just like you! We are not a myth or a figment of someone's imagination but people whose life mission is to employ Internet technologies to give shape and form to ideas.

Re-defining, re-inventing, and re-engineering oneself is the norm for us. Our world is the world of continuous change. Our medium is the Internet and it has been that for the past 20+ years.

KIS what?

"Keep It Simple" (KIS) is an expression with history. It’s been used in many ways - some polite … some not - but it always delivers the same message...

Don′t be tricky - just ‘keep it simple’

To most, the Internet seems very complex. To many, the technology that drives the Internet is some sort of intangible, mysterious abstraction but to us the Internet is nothing more than another medium for expression - another place to do business. What we bring to the table, "know-how and experience", and is what sets us apart from our competition.

"Keeping It Simple in Business" is the philosophy driving our every day business.

KIS who?

Our company is Galganov & Associates. We are a small team of individuals, with a multitude of Internet talents and experiences, located at various locations around the world. Our common thread is our passion for the Internet. The company has been in business since 1996.

We are internet professionals!

We take complexity and mystery out of the equation and replace it with know-how and experience.

We blend our skills as web coders, web designers, graphic artists, content creators and web marketers to create the perfect web presence backed up with state-of-the-art technologies.

Are you for real?

Our clients are non-profits, educational institutions, small to medium size corporations, and advertising agencies. We have experience with clients from the North America, Europe and Asia.

Whether you require a website overhaul, a new website, an e-commerce site, specialized scripts, content creation, an ad enhanced website, custom web graphics, web marketing, professional advice, or web team training, we can help.

With a couple of life times of business experience behind us, even if your requirements are outside our current skill set, when it comes to the Internet, we can show you the path you need to take to succeed.

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